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Thinking about how you are going to cover the expensive cost of nursing home care is certainly a scary thought.  However, you have options.  Medicaid can help. Unfortunately, Medicaid assistance is not available to everyone.  Medicaid will cover the nursing homes costs for individuals who have run out of money and other resources.  For those who qualify, Medicaid covers nursing home expenses.  Medicare does not cover most nursing home expenses, so Medicaid fills that void. In truth, Medicaid is a very complex process.  So, before you begin to look into it, it is very important to consult an Elder Law attorney to avoid some very common mistakes. The biggest mistakes people makes include:
      1. Letting a nursing home, social worker, or the state Medicaid department complete your Medicaid application.
      2. Assuming there is nothing you can do because it is “too late” and there is nothing you can do to help your or your family save money because you are within five years of applying for Medicaid.
      3. Not letting an elder law attorney deal with the State Medicaid department for you.
These common mistakes can cost you large amounts money.  It’s important to consult with an Elder Law attorney to guide you through the minefield of public benefits, especially Medicaid. More to follow. -Anthony B. Ferraro