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VA Benefit Eligibility | Illinois Elder Law Attorney, Anthony B. Ferraro,VA Accredited Attorney

Attention! Many of today’s Americans are under the assumption that VA Benefits only apply to servicemen and women who were injured or disabled while serving.  VA Benefits do largely apply to those men and women; however, there are also other VA benefits available to wartime veterans who are senior citizens currently paying for long-term care.  Wartime veterans have earned this right simply by serving our country, even if they were not injured during their time of service. Note, wartime veterans and their spouses who do not have disabilities as a result of serving are eligible for the Special Monthly Pension benefit when they are 65 and older, permanently disabled and unable to work, homebound, or in need of regular aid of another person.  The Special Monthly Pension benefit is based on the need for financial assistance, so there are income and asset limitations. If any of the above situations apply to you, I recommend getting the necessary paper work ready in order to prove you qualify for such benefits.  This may require a doctor’s visit or paperwork from the nursing home or assisted living facility stating that you or your loved one is permanently disabled. -Anthony B. Ferraro