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Should I watch for symptoms of depression if my loved one has dementia?

You’ll typically notice depression in someone before the person with it does. Some signs to watch for include: desire to sleep a lot, a change in eating habits (weight up or down), loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, and being in an overall “down” mood.   Attend to comments such as “I don’t want anything,” “I’m no good anymore” and “I wish I were dead” and take them seriously. Any time you detect symptoms of depression it is important to have the person visit a physician. Even if a doctor has already diagnosed dementia, your loved one still needs to be checked for depression. The two go together quite a bit. It might take antidepressants just a few weeks to ease the symptoms. Other things that can make a big difference include better nutrition, better sleep (not too much or too little) and plenty of exercise. For further information, please access our FREE  “Indispensable Alzheimer’s Resource Kit” by clicking here.