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I’m scouting nursing homes for my mother, who has Alzheimer’s. Can they ever kick her out if she runs out of money? ? | Chicago, Illinois Elder Law Attorney Anthony B. Ferraro

This is a good question that you need to sort out before making a final decision about specific living arrangements for your mother. Medicaid is for individuals who have little or no means to pay for their own care. Eldercare facilities must be certified by the appropriate government entities to serve Medicaid beneficiaries. Some nursing homes and other eldercare facilities simply are not certified to accept Medicaid funding once a resident runs out of his or her own money. And those facilities that do accept Medicaid could have a long waiting list for the beds designated for that type of care. That is why it is so important to figure out the lay of the land and your options before you initially settle your mother into a facility. Find out the monthly cost of a nursing home that interests you and project how much you think you will ultimately be needed. If you think your mother will outlast her funds, you can ensure you choose a provider that will accept Medicaid, when and if the need arises. Families of individuals with Alzheimer’s usually do not want to move their loved ones if they don’t have to, especially not after they have adjusted to their surroundings. Changing locations can be very stressful for a person with dementia.  To learn more about Medicaid, click here.