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A Quick Piece of Advice | Chicago Elder Law Attorney

Paying for nursing home care may be one of the toughest things many of us will have to do. It is no secret that today’s nursing home costs are sky high and they are only going to continue rising. Most of us automatically assume that we will have to spend our entire life savings on our nursing home care. Considering the prices of nursing homes, it certainly seems that this is the truth. However, there are ways around doing so. The first thing that you absolutely must do is contact an Elder Law attorney, like myself, before you venture into the process of selecting and paying for a nursing home. Today, many people aren’t incredibly educated in areas such as Medicare, Medicaid, and VA Benefits. Therefore, they don’t know about the ways in which those programs will be able to help them save money as they begin their long-term care journey. Luckily, we do. Always remember, talk to us first. It’s as simple as that. -Anthony B. Ferraro