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7 Secrets to Surviving The Medicaid Spend-Down | Chicago Estate & Trust & Elder Law Attorney-CPA, Anthony B. Ferraro

The key to figuring out how to save money by turning to Medicaid is understanding what exactly Medicaid benefits entail and how they may relate to you. These 7 secrets to surviving the Medicaid spend-down will help you be in a better position to protect your hard-earned savings. 1) Many couples end up spending too much money on the first spouse’s long-term care costs because they do not know the rules.  An Elder Law attorney can show you the rules and make the healthy spouse’s life better. 2) People give their assets to their children using the wrong method.  If you choose to go this route, you must do this right, or it could have terrible consequences. 3) Save money by transforming your assets.  Medicaid categorizes your assets as either available or exempt, and an Elder Law attorney can help you convert your available assets into exempt assets so that you keep them. 4) Medicaid application timing is crucial.  If your timing is off, you could lose thousands of dollars, and create a Medicaid penalty because you applied too early or too late. 5) Avoid going broke due to giving your assets away in the wrong way.  There is a Medicaid ineligibility penalty for seniors who give away their assets in the wrong way to children, churches, or charities within 5 years of applying to Medicaid. 6) Annuities are not always “Medicaid-proof”.  Don’t assume just because an annuity is touted as “Medicaid-proof” that it actually is.  Instead consult an elder law attorney, to ensure it actually is. Learn all about VA benefits – A wartime veteran and a spouse could potentially receive $2,000 or more for in-home or assisted living medical care. Stay tuned for further elaboration on the 7 Secrets to Surviving the Medicaid Spend-Down. -Anthony B. Ferraro