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Most people don’t realize that the estate plan they have in place will very likely be insufficient to protect them from the complications of growing older and growing ill.

Have you or a loved one received a diagnosis that will eventually lead to long-term care and you’re just not sure where to start? 

Have you recently lost a loved one and need help weaving through the red tape and navigating the complicated legal jargon involved with their wills, trusts, and probate? 

If any of those sound familiar, you’re not alone. I know personally how much of a struggle it can be to wrestle with the difficult questions that arise when you’re in these situations. Because both of my parents suffered from dementia, I have a unique understanding of the trials and tribulations faced when caring for a family member with a debilitating disease. It might be Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, stroke, dementia, or simply the mobility issues that come with aging. Each brings its own challenges, but the worry and confusion that come with a diagnosis is the same across the board.

Even for a healthy senior, it’s difficult enough planning for a dignified life after 60… but should the reality of a long term illness set in, you may need someone with experience to turn to. 

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I’m attorney Anthony B. Ferraro. My team and I have gone to great lengths to associate with advisors and professionals from the elder care continuum. This means that we have the ability to connect you with professionals who specialize in assisted living, in-home care, skilled nursing care, and everything in between to complement any advice we offer in planning. That way we can ensure that we’re offering our clients the most relevant, current, and downright helpful advice possible in regards to knowledge of governmental benefits, benefits eligibility, in addition to sound financial and legal expertise. 

Our philosophy is that it’s never too late to create solutions, and we treat our clients’ needs on a case-by-case basis. However, the earlier in your life we can provide guidance regarding long-term care and senior estate planning, the more options you may have available to you. It is our passion as Elder Law Attorneys to provide you with the best possible legal solutions for your situation. That way you may be able to avoid the devastating financial ruin that can occur when faced with the crushing costs associated with long-term care. 

In order to fulfill that goal, we focus on the 3 stages of life:

  • Your Maturing Years – The years approaching retirement are the best to start planning! The sooner you begin the process of estate, long-term care, and death planning, the more options you will have in the long run.

  • Your Senior Years – This can include healthy and vigorous seniors, seniors with a diagnosis, and seniors looking for, or recently admitted to, skilled care. You may still be able to maximize your nest egg’s potential without spending all of your savings on costly long-term care.

  • After Death – For executors, beneficiaries, and successor trustees, we are here to assist in figuring out how to administer the estates entrusted or bequeathed to them.

In later years and crisis stages, there are still options, but those options are often greatly reduced.  In our practice, we’ve seen it too many times – clients who have waited too long and are out of money, and therefore out of options.Don’t be one of the unfortunate few who are left behind. Failing to act can take a significant toll on your emotional, financial, and physical well-being… not to mention put your family at risk for devastating consequences.

Call us today at (847) 221-0154 for a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation, and take the first steps toward peace of mind.


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